Registration form

Applique by the Bay IX

 with Elly Sienkiewicz, Jane Townswick and Nancy Kerns

Print, Complete and Mail to: Mare’s Bears Quilt Shop
528 E. Savannah Road
Lewes, DE 19958




Day time Phone(       )_____________________________  Evening Phone (      )_______________________  

Fax number(       )_________________________ Email address_____________________________________

Registration can be done by mail, fax or phone.  Payment may be made by check, money order, Visa,

Master Card, Discover,  or American Express.  To reserve your place at Applique by the Bay IX send a

$100.00 deposit by August 1, 2008.  The balance is due by October 1, 2008.

Credit Card # _____________________________________________________________ 

Expiration Date ________________________Vin code____________________________

(The vin code is the last three numbers on the BACK of your card.  It is required to process your card.)


Cancellation Policy:  Reservations must be cancelled in writing.  All reservations cancelled prior to October 1, 2008

incur a $25.00 charge.  Cancellations cannot be accepted after October 1, 2008 due to teacher and housing contracts. 

If unable to attend, you may transfer your registration to another person.  There is a $25.00 processing/transfer fee

payable to Mare's Bears Quilt Shop.


Classes:   Day 1 (check one)                                                          Fees (check one)

Crown of Ruched Roses with Elly           ______


Bleeding Hearts with Jane                      ______                        Day 1 only  ($155.00)                 _____


The Star Rose with Nancy                     ______

                                                                                             Day 2, 3 and 4 Only ($300.00)     _____

Day 2, 3 and 4 (check one)                                                         

The Clipper Ship with Elly                      ______                         

         or                                                                                  All 4 days ($440.00)                  _____

Cala Lilly with Jane                               ______


The Goose Girl with Nancy                    ______

Lodging is available at the newly remodeled Beacon Motel (the building in which we are located and easy

walking distance to classes.)  Rates are four nights @$375.00 or $105.00 per night, per room. 

(Rates are subject to change and will not be charged to your card until you check in.)

Check which nights and desired occupancy:  12/3_____ 12/4_____ 12/5 _____ 12/6 _____

Single______Double_______Roommate's name_______________________________________________

Keep a copy of this form for your records.  Supply lists will be mailed upon receipt of your deposit.

Mail or fax (302-644-3868) completed application to:  Mare's Bears Quilt Shop, 528 E. Savannah Rd, Lewes, DE  19958. 

Questions? Call 302-644-0556 or email:

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